AEN                Additional Education Needs

Academies   Publicly funded independent schools

AHT                Assistant Headteacher (a member of the Leadership Group)

ALM                Activity Led Model

APP                Assessing Pupil Progress

Appraisal      A review of an employee’s performance, especially for purposes of staff development

APS                Average Point Score

ARC               Area Regeneration Compact

Articles of Association The Articles of Association set out regulations for Academies, including the composition of the Governing Body

Associate Members  Individuals appointed by the governing body of a LA maintained school. They are not part of the governing body, but are allowed to attend meetings and sit on committees and can be given voting powers

AST                Advanced Skills Teachers

Attainment Targets  These establish what children of differing ability should be expected to know and be able to do by the end of each Key Stage of the Curriculum–  each target is graded into eight levels through which pupils advance as they  learn more

AT                  Academy Trust

ATL                Association of Teachers and Lecturers (trade union)

ASD                Autistic Spectrum Disorder

AWPU            Age-weighted Pupil Unit





BAPP             Base Allocation Per Pupil

Baseline Assessment   Assessment of pupils’ attainment on entry to Year 1

BESD             Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties





CAF                Common Assessment Framework

CAMHS         Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

Capital Expenditure   Spending on projects, improvements, and extensions of the school

CAP                Curriculum Access Provision

Casting Vote  An additional vote to be used by the Chair of governors if an equal number of votes is cast for and against a motion

Catchment area  The area from which a school takes its pupils

CCLAPB       Children’s Centre Local Advisory Partnership Board

CE                  Church of England

CEO               Chief Executive Officer

Chair’s Action   The Chair is allowed to take decisions without asking the Governing Body if a delay will be detrimental to the school, a member of staff, a pupil or a parent

CHAS             Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme

CIS                 Children’s Information Service

CLC                City Learning Centre

CLL                Communication, Language & Literacy

CMfE              Children Missing from Education

Collaboration   An agreement between two or more schools to work together on one particular issue. They keep their individual governing bodies, but may set up a joint committee to which they can delegate powers

Community Schools   LA maintained schools at which the LA is the employer, owns the land and buildings and sets the admission criteria

Community Special Schools   LA maintained schools which make special educational provision for pupils with statements of special educational needs (SEN), whose needs cannot be fully met from within mainstream provision.

Community/Co-opted Governor   A governor representing community and local businesses chosen by members of a Governing Body

COP               Code of practice

COSHH         Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

CPA                Comprehensive Performance Assessment

CPD               Continuing Professional Development

CPS                Common Pay Spine for teachers

CRE               Commission for Racial Equality

CVA                Contextual Value Added





DBS               Disclosure and Barring Service

DDA               Disability Discrimination Act

Delegated Budget   Money provided to schools, which governors can manage at their discretion

Delegated Powers  Authority given to a committee, an individual governor or the Headteacher/principal to take action on behalf of the Governing Body

DES                Disability Equality Scheme

DfE                 The Department for Education

DP                  Designated Person

DSG               Direct Schools Grant





EBD               Emotional and behavioural difficulties

ECC               Every Child Counts

ECM               Every Child Matters

EDP                Education Development Plan

EFA                Education Funding Agency

EGPS             English, grammar, punctuation and spelling

EHCP                Education Health and Care plan

EIP                  Education Improvement Plan

ESL                English as a Second Language

Exclusion     The temporary or permanent removal of a pupil from school for serious breaches of the school’s behaviour and discipline policy

EYFS             Early Years Foundation Stage

EYPP             Empowering Young People Project  

EYCSP          Early Years & Childcare Strategic Partnership

EYSFF           Early Years Single Funding Formula      





Federation    Two or more schools governed by one Governing Body

Foundation Governor   A governor appointed by the foundation body of a voluntary school

Foundation Schools   LA maintained schools in which the governing body is the employer, owns the land and buildings and sets the admission criteria

FOI                  Freedom of Information

FS                   Foundation Stage

FSM                Free School Meals

FPN                Fair Processing Notice

FSP                Foundation Stage Profile





GAG               General Annual Grant

G&T          Gifted and talented

GLD                Good Level of Development

GNVQ            General National Vocational Qualification 





HLTA              Higher Level Teaching Assistant

HMI                 Her Majesty’s Inspectors





IAN                 Indicated Admission Number

ICO                 Information Commissioner’s Office

IDP                 Inclusion Development Programme

IEP                  Individual Education Plan

ICT                 Information and Communication Technology

INRA              Impact needs risk assessment

INSET            In-service Education and Training

Instrument of Government    A legal document setting out the name of the school and the constitution of the Governing Body

ISA                  Information Sharing & Assessment

ISA                  Independent Safeguarding Authority

ISB                 Individual Schools Budget

IS                    Intensifying Support Programme

ISR                 Individual School Range





JAR                Joint Area Review 





KS                  The four key stages of the National Curriculum




LA                   Local Authority

LAA                Local Area Agreement

LADO             Local Authority Designated Officer

LDD                Learning Difficulty and Disability

LA                   Local Authority

LGB                   Local Governing Body (a committee of the Directors within a Multi-Academy Trust which focuses on the specific school context)

LIP                  Learning Improvement Project

LMC               Local Management Committee

LMS                Local Management of Schools

LSB                Local Schools Budget

LSC                Learning & Skills Council

LSCB             Local Safeguarding Children Board

LSU                Learning Support Unit





MARAC         Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference

MASH            Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub

MAT                Multi-Academy Trust

MFG               Minimum Funding Guarantee

MIS                 Management Information System

Mixed Ability   A teaching group in which children of all abilities are taught together

MS                  Management Systems





NAA                National Assessment Agency

NAHT             The National Association of Headteachers

NASG             The National Association of School Governors 

NAS/UWT     The National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers

National Curriculum   This was established by the 1988 Education Reform Act to ensure that all pupils receive a broad and balanced education, which is relevant to their needs

NCSL             National College for School Leadership

NGA               National Governors’ Association, the national membership organisation for school governors

NGC               The National Governors’ Council

NGfL              National Grid for Learning

NHSP             National Healthy Schools Programme

NNI                 Nursery Neighbourhood Initiative

NOF                New Opportunities Funding

Non-teaching (support) Staff   Members of the school staff employed by the governors to provide services in a school, such as teaching assistants, cleaners and  office staff

NPQH            National Professional Qualification for Headteachers

NQT               Newly Qualified Teacher

NRA               National Record of Achievement

NRF                Neighbourhood Renewal Fund includes Pupils First

NUT               The National Union of Teachers





OfSTED         Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills – the body which inspects education and training for learners of all ages and inspects and regulates care for children and young people





PAN                Published Admission Number      

Parent Governor  A governor elected by the parents (or appointed as a parent representative where it has not been possible to elect a parent governor)

PAT                The Professional Association of Teachers

PCT                Primary Care Trust

PFI                  Private Finance Initiative

PfS                 Partnerships for Schools

PGCE             Post-Graduate Certificate of Education

PGR               Parent Governor Representative

PIPS               Performance Indicators in Primary School

PIVATS          Performance Indicators for Value Added Target Setting

PLASC          Pupil level annual school census

PLMD             Profound Multiple Learning Difficulties

PP                   Pupil Premium

PPA                Planning Preparation & Assessment Time for teachers

PRP                Performance Related Pay

PRU               Pupil Referral Unit

PSED             Personal, Social & Emotional Development

PSfC              Primary Strategy for Change

PSP                Pastoral Support Programme       

PSHE             Personal Social Health Education           

PTA                Parent Teacher Association

PTR                Pupil/Teacher Ratio

Pupilsfirst  Targeted programme to raise attainment in specific secondary and primary schools

Pupil Premium   This money goes with eligible pupils to the school they attend, and has been distributed in addition to the underlying schools budget from 2011-2012. The funding is allocated to pupils eligible for FSM, or who have parents in the armed forces

Pupil Profile   Broad evaluation of a pupil’s personality, interests and capabilities – this forms part of the pupil’s Record of Achievement





QCA               Qualifications & Curriculum Authority

QTS                Qualified Teacher Status

Quorum         The minimum number of members present at a meeting before decisions can be made




RAISEonline  Reporting and Analysis for Improvement through School Self-Evaluation is the web-based system to disseminate school performance data to schools


Resolution   A formal decision which has been proposed, seconded and agreed – not necessarily by a vote – at a meeting

RC                  Roman Catholic

RgI/RI             Registered Inspector/Requires Improvement

RIG                 Rewards & Incentives Group

RO                  Responsible Officer

RR                  Reading Recovery





SA                   School Action – a level of support for pupils who are not making expected progress at school. It requires action to be taken to meet the child’s  learning difficulties. The teacher will work with the SENCO to support the child in class. Parents must be informed that that their child may be considered to have SEN and is receiving school action support. Progress should be reviewed twice a year

SA+                School Action plus – is used for pupils where SA has not helped them make adequate progress. The school will get advice and help from the local authority and/or other services, such as the health authority.  Progress should be reviewed regularly. If the child is still not making progress, the school or parents may request an assessment that may give the child a statement of Special Educational Needs

SACRE          Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education

SALT              Speech and Language Therapist

SANA             Social and Additional Needs Allowance

SATs              Standard Assessment Tasks – national tests/tasks set by SCAA

SBC               Strategic business case

SCAA             School Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Schools Forum   A Schools Forum has been established in each LA area to advise on the allocation of the funding for schools – the majority of places on this  body should be filled by governors and headteacher/principals, preferably in equal numbers

SDP                School Development Plan

SEAL             Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning

Secondment The release of staff on a temporary basis for work elsewhere

SEF                Self Evaluation Form

SEN                Special Educational Needs – Learning difficulties for which special educational provision has to be made. May include children with physical disabilities or emotional and behavioural disorders. Governors have a duty to help to identify and provide for such pupils.

SENCO          Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

SEND             Special Educational Needs and Disability

SFSS             Schools Formula Spending Shares

SFVS             Schools Financial Value Standard

SHA                Secondary Heads’ Association

SIB                 Strategic Initiatives Budget 

SIP                  School Improvement Plan

SIP                  School Improvement Partner

SLA                Service level agreement

SLCN             Speech Language Communication Needs

SLD                Severe Learning Difficulties

SMT               Senior Management Team

SOC               School Organisation Committee

SPAG             Spelling, Punctuation and grammar

Special School   Schools that make provision for pupils with statements of special  educational needs (SEN), whose needs cannot be fully met from within mainstream provision

SPS                Statemented Pupil Support

SRB               Single Regeneration Budget

SRE                Sex and Relationships Education

SSA                Standard Spending Assessment

SSAT             Specialist Schools Academy Trust

SSCB             Sunderland Safeguarding Children’s Board

SSSNB          School Support Staff Negotiating Body

STPCD          School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document

STRB             School Teachers’ Review Body

SWC               School Workforce Census





TA                   Teaching Assistant

TDA                Training and Development Agency for schools

TEC                Training and Enterprise Council

TLR                Teaching & Learning Responsibility

TPA                Teachers Pensions Agency

Trust Schools   Foundation schools with a foundation body established under the Education and Inspections Act 2006 – the foundation body may appoint either a minority or a majority of the Governing Body





UNISON        Non-teaching staff trade union

URN               Unique reference number





VA                   Voluntary Aided – A school set up and owned by a voluntary body, usually a church body, largely financed by the LA. The Governing Body employs the  staff and controls pupil admissions and religious education. The school’s buildings and land (apart from playing fields) will normally be owned by a charitable foundation

Value Added The progress schools help pupils make relative to their individual starting points – rather than looking at raw results VA also takes into account the prior attainment, thus enabling a judgement to be made about the effect of the  school on pupils’ current attainment

VC                  Voluntary Controlled

Virement       The agreed transfer of money from the budget heading to which it has been allocated to another budget heading 




Work Experience   A planned programme as part of careers education, which enables pupils in school time to sample experience of a working environment of their choice









Young Carer   A young carer is anyone under 18 years of age who helps to look after a family member who is disabled, physically or mentally ill or has a substance  misuse problem








If you come across any acronym or abbreviations in your role as a school governor and it is not listed above, please let us know at governance@wiseacademies.co.uk